Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six Randomness

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I was "tagged" by Connie @ Skin Deco. That's in quotation marks because I'm not popular enough to get tagged by anyone except my sis. Connie tagged anyone who wants to do this." Aaannnndd.... I do! So, here we go!

  1. I didn't start wearing makeup until the beginning of the summer when I basically dove in head first. I was reading blogs and watching vids and now I have my own beauty blog and my own YouTube channel! My Channel is a bit more successful, I've got quite a few subscribers. If anyone besides my sis reads this blog, let me know! I'd love to know that I have readers! It will keep me on my toes, LOL.
  2. I have no life. Yes, I'm afraid I'm a gamer nut. I've been addicted to Fable II. That's why I haven't been doing a lot on YouTube lately (that and I've been sick). The only reason I'm not playing now is because Kevvy is on the X-Box playing COD:WaW. I was also quite addicted to Oblivion for quite some time.
  3. My favorite type of sushi is fried! Ohhh, how American is that? I know. But I can't help it, with its damned crunchy goodness. I also love Saba Nigiri. Yum yum yum. Kevin and I always get basically the same thing when we go out to Sakura: Franklin Roll, Green Gennie (yea, they spelled it wrong), Dancing Eel Roll, 2 Saba Nigiri. Then, if we're still hungry (probably YES) we'll pick something else out. We have been together for a year and change, and we've only been out to eat somewhere OTHER than sushi ONE TIME! Yeah, we're addicted.
  4. Okay, this one is going to sound really weird.... I hate wearing pants. Yes. Well, I hate wearing pant's that aren't super comfy like PJ pants. When I get off of work/school I go back to my room and take off my pants and get on the computer. Or go to Kevin's, take off my pants and get under the covers and play on my laptop. Yeahh. Well, you asked for random.
  5. I have a twin! That's right! LadyTiffanyAnne is my twin! Check out her blog @ I'm putting this in here because people are constantly saying: "Why didn't you tell me you had a twin?" Well, you never told me about your siblings, if you have any, how old they are.... Am I supposed to just introduce myself to everyone saying "Hi! I'm Stargirl. I have a twin." Nope.
  6. I love manga and my favorite manga is Othello. Yes, I know, cheesy and childish, but I really like it. If you have any you love, recommend some to me!
Okay! Now I tag specifically LadyTiffanyAnne and anyone who reads this!

Thanks for reading!

Special Edition Vlog

Special Edition Vlog with Stargirl and Tiffany!

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Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick in Twinkle Pink

Really quick note on this lipstick:

Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick in Twinkle Pink

I got it for free when I went to the Blockbuster Makeover Event. I love it!

Awesomeness #1- It EXACTLY matches my hair color! Holy Crap! I love it!
Awesomeness #2- Stays on like heck. I just ate dinner and I can still feel it on my lips. And it's not like I just had something simple. I had pasta, people. And it stayed on.
Awesomeness #3- Even when I can't feel it on anymore, I can still see the lipstick color pretty darn well. Stains my lips a bit. I really like that. I hate having to reapply.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm going to go to Waffle House with some buds.