Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Brows

I need to upload some pictures of this, but I'll do that later. I've recently taken to trimming and shaping my brows. The difference is phenomenal. Looks so great! When I wear makeup (which is mostly) I fill in my brows with a bit of black powder (just been using eyeshadow). But, only a very little so it's not too dark. I think I may switch to dark brown, see how that looks. I'm looking for some brow stencil shapers, because I don't want to accidentally end up shaping and trimming my brows to be too thin while doing it free hand. I suppose Sally sells them?

Anyway, just to let you know (TIFFANY) that I'm not buying any makeup except for nail and brow products until after Christmas. Maybe it will break me of the habit. :-)

A Gift Fit For A Princess

Today, Kevin went shopping for each other's Christmas gifts. It was great! First we went to Gamestop. Kevin is getting a Game Cube, Metroid Prime, and a James Bond game. He also pre-ordered COD5 while we were there (of which he is playing the beta right now. Loves it).

Next, we went to the mall. Tim and Patrick went to the arcade while Kevin and I wandered around a couple different stores before landing at the perfume counter at Belk. We had stopped at VS, but Kevin didn't like their perfumes. At Belk, we tested out basically everything. The top contenders were Estee Lauder Pleasures: Delight; Vera Wang Princess; and Roxy. In the end, we selected Princess. I am sooooo excited! It smells delightful.

What Vera Wang says:
Created for the playful, unpredictable, independent woman who treats every day like an event and adventure. This is a woman who likes to make her own magic, this sheer, flirty blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin are melded with sheer floral notes, accented with dark chocolate, and finished with a pink frosting accord, amber, warm woods, musk, and vanilla - a whimsical treat.

I actually got one of the gift sets, with a body lotion and a little bottle for your purse. It is TOO cute! :-) I love my Kevvy!!!

I am not allowed to have it yet and he cannot have his Game Cube. After all, it is not Christmas yet. But I know, if he pouted and said please, I'd let him play his games.

I may decide to ask for one of the other fragrances for Christmas. They were all so nice.

Anyway, in addition to the fragrance, after Belk, I dragged all the boys to Claire's and picked up some nail polish. I got a blue that is a really beautiful very pigmented color. I swatched a bright extremely pigmented orange while we were there and it came out matte. I don't see a lot of matte polishes. I also got a set with 5 smaller polishes, bright bright colors: green, yellow, orange/coral, fushia/purple, and blue. They are all a bit iridescent and a bit sheer, except for the orange/coral and fushia/purple. Those are pretty good. They also dry matte, but with a top coat look very nice. Not the wet-shine look, but still nice.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Glance Review: Kleancolor Vs NYX Blue Mascara

I don't know about you people, but I'm in love with mascara, but I'm absolutely CRAZY for colored mascaras. When I made a purchase from Cherry Culture I got a few colored mascaras. One from Kleancolor in Electric Blue and a few from NYX in Bronze, Baby Pink, and Electric Blue. Yeah. I didn't mean to get two Electric Blues, but oh well. And I was too late to return it (I'm such a procrastinator). So I put them both on to see which was best.

External Packaging:
  • Kleancolor: I LOVE the metallic blue tube with silver printing. I do think it's very pretty
  • NYX: The NYX mascaras have a more chic packaging with a black tube that is thin and gets a bit wider on the ends, with a stripe of color (the color of whatever mascara it is) around the middle

  • Kleancolor: The brush is fairly large. Not as big as, say Lash Blast, but still fairly large. I, however, and not one of those people who is really bothered by large brushes. However, this one just seems to be cheaply constructed. I can't explain it. When you pull the brush out, you know it's a cheap mascara.
  • NYX: It's a thinner brush, which makes it easier to work with. Also, if you look at it closely, you'll see that one side is curved and another side is not! Weird! One side, the bristles get shorter in the middle and longer on the outside. The other side, they are a mostly uniform length.

  • Kleancolor: The formula take a while to dry which mean that, for me, I have to wait longer before I can comb my lashes out. (I ALWAYS comb my lashes out after I put mascara in with a mustache comb. Habit. But, also, spreads my lashes out quite nicely.) BEFORE I comb my lashes, it seems like this formula makes my lashes stick to each other more than the NYX. I mean, I don't wait until it's all the way dry to comb it out, but it's much wetter for much longer. This also means I'm more likely to get mascara on my lid if my lashes are curled
  • NYX: This formula dries faster, but not so fast that it's difficult to work with. So, thumbs up for that. It's more creamy than just *wet* which is what the Kleancolor feels like.

Lenghthening? Thickening?
  • My lashes DEFINETELY looked longer and thicker with the Kleancolor mascara.

  • Pretty similar, but the NYX is a bit brighter.