Thursday, January 8, 2009

NOTD: Jan 01 2009

These are two NOTDs from Jan 01 and Jan 07. They are both Sally Hansen. The first is Forever Mango. It was very difficult to get a good photo of this! The first photo is w/o flash. The second is with. The first looks orange the second looks pink! Its somewhere in between.

This second color is Poppy. This is two coats but should be three, as it's still a bit on the sheer side. Anyway, I can't help but love these kinds of colors. I think they go very nicely with my skin tone.

FOTD: Jan 07 2009

Notice the title? I thought I would upload some old FOTDs since I cannot grace you with new ones. If I used face products, I'm not sure what I used since they are not photographed, but the face seems to look fairly natural in these photos. I used Avon Glimmer Stick in some navy blue color... I think Midnight, perhaps. Then I used ULTA shadows in Sin, a shimmery dark navy, and Pink, shimmery pink. Rimmel Extra Super lash. I used the pink only as a highlight color.

Oh, I love this lipstick. It is by Avon and it is too neat. It is Golden Rose.

Also: Camwhoring...

Me looking at you all sly:
Some how this photo came out of it, and it looks rather good. I don't know. Maybe this is another person. Because, frankly, I didn't think I could look like this. It's all about the angle.
I love eyelashes. No seriously, I love eyelashes. All eyelashes. They are so sweet and lovely.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am beginning to upload photos that I couldn't upload while I was at home. I'm at my boyfriend's house right now so I'll be doing them when I get the chance. I'll be doing more when I get back to school. So, check it out!!! :-) All the posts since Dec 18 are back posted. :-) I will delete this post once I get them all up.