Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making Stargirl's Hair Look Decent

My hair is usually a frizzy mess and I generally pull it back into a pony tail. LadyTiffanyAnne, my twin, said if I was going to be some kind of makeup guru, then I needed to look like I know what I'm talking about, and that means looking the part. "You always make sure you're makeup looks great in your videos, you need to start doing your hair." So, she came up and showed me how to do my hair.

Tiffany, you'll be pleased to note that one of my most recent comments on YouTube is about how great my hair looks.

My hair is damp/wet in this photo. She's putting Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum in it (See camwhore photos near bottom)

Checking out the sales at target while she separates my hair.

Time for Tiffy to camwhore with the products

LOLOLOL, I don't know what happened here


I said "Oh my goodness, I never knew my hair could look like this!" It was so soft and shiny I couldn't believe it! THANK YOU TIFFY

Halloween Look

WOW, these are late. I just found these on my computer. This is a look I was testing for Halloween. I did something similar to this on the actual day. This is the video about it: Bright Pink Fairy Look for Halloween.

FOTD: Thursday Nov 27 and a littel camwhoring

These pix are up kinda late. This is the FOTD I did on Thanksgiving. To see what I did watch: Makeup Routine. To see more about my Turkey Day watch: Thanksgiving Dinner.

In addition to what you watch in the Makeup Routine vid,
I added pink highlights to my lashes. Kinda hard to see.

See the pink lashes!

Okay, now for some camwhoring!
I added pink lipgloss

This is with the lights off, no flash, just my computer screen on.
Look how pale!

Me in my mirror, lol

I've never ever ever been pleased with photos of my lips, which is why
when I do a FOTD, I don't include a photo of just my lips. They always look
so flat to me. Of course, I'm puckering a bit in this one. It looks silly.

What I Want For Christmas (not beauty related)

Okay, so there are these cats sold on Etsy called "Travel Kitties." You take them where ever you go and you can post pictures of your kitty on this blog. They are made by a mom who wanted to teach her son about geography. Each kitty is hand made and they are all a little different. Each kitty has a different tail because each kitty has a different tale to tell. :-) How cute!!!

Photos by the Travel Kitty Project

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oops, forgot some.

More contests to check out!!!

Check out Makeup Junkie's "Makeup Junkie Reader's Beauty Stash Awards" to fill out a few surveys, each survey entering you into another giveaway. The surveys are about which are your favorite eye products, face products, lip products, etc. She's giving away a bunch of great stuff including makeup from Smashbox, Lancome, Cargo, and more!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Contest Roundup!

  • Enter Siobhan's contest at The Nailphile to win China Glaze Moon Pool. Contest goes through Dec 4th.
  • Simply leave a comment about your "best-ever discount beauty find" at E-Beauty Daily to be entered into this contest for some great drugstore finds! Contest goes through Nov 26th.
  • At Beautiful Makeup Search, leave the name of one of the Lancome Juicy Tubes from the Sweet Delights Collection to enter to win the whole set! Contest goes through Nov 28th.
  • The Makeup Girl and are getting together to give away the first month's Beauty Fix! Contest goes through Nov 28th.
  • Enter at Beauty Junkies United to win Cargo's Holiday Nights Palette. Contest goes through Nov 28th.
  • Beauty Style Watch wants to see your take on a smokey eye! Send them a pic to enter to win a "gift bag of goodies from Beth Bender Beauty."
  • Make a video imitating Makeup By Ren Ren to win an amazing plethora of makeup stuffies! Contest goes through Dec 1st.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

Another Cherry Culture product! Gosh, I love that site... BTW Cherry Culture is having a Thanksgiving Day Sale right now! EVERYTHING is 20% off! As always free shipping with an order of $40 or more!

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania
Price: 5/5
The price is $2.00 at Cherry Culture (on sale for $1.25 right now!). Can't get cheaper than that!
Packaging: 2/5
The little jar is cute and easy to store, but gosh is it a pain. I'm thinking of repotting the shadows into 5 gram jars.
Application: 3/5
They're well pigmented, but the fall out! OMG!
Overall: 3.5/5
Would I repurchase: Probably, since they're so cheap.

So, I always thought of NYX Ultra Pearl Mania as kind of like pigments. I hadn't used them before, but they kind of seemed the same. Let me say no, dear reader. Nothing like it. That isn't to say that they're not good, but in case anyone else is thinking that, they're much different.

Okay, all of these are shimmery. Well, yeah. Look at the name: "Pearl." So, they are all pearly and shimmery. I have to admit, love the colors. They are all well pigmented and sooo pretty. My biggest beef with them is 1) the packaging and 2) the fall out. And, I know, you're going to experience fall out with loose shadows, but I feel like I get more with these shadows. As if they're not sticking so well? I don't know. That doesn't make sense because I didn't have problems with creasing when I put them on top of a good base.

It is useful to note that I usually wear my eyeshadow for about 6 hours. I put it on in the morning and when I get back to my room I usually take it off. Sometimes because I want to play with my makeup (yes, play). Sometimes because I feel like having a clean face. (Usually it's because I want to play, lol.) Or, I often touch it up when I get back to my room. Like today, I forgot to take a FOTD pic, so I went to class, got back, touched up my makeup took pix and then I took all my shadow off, did a new look and so I could review some L.A. Colors shadows. So, if you're wearing your shadow for longer, you might have more problems with creasing than I do.

I feel like I need to give these a second chance. One reason for getting so much fall out might be that I'm not able to get the proper amount on the brush because of the inconvenient packaging. I end up with too much on my brush, always. ... ... That's it! I'm going to repot these suckers.

Anyway, final note: they are worth the two bucks! Try them! I like the colors a lot, oh yeah. They're awesome. Plus, I love all NYX products!!!!

Look below: Walnut and Charcoal on the lid, Walnut on lower lash line, Pearl as a highlight.

Another neat use for these is to put them in a body spray! I got this idea from Leesha (xparkage) saying that she put MAC Vanilla pigment in her Fix+. I don't have Fix+, but I thought to try this out. Give a light shimmer but not too much at all. Very light, not extremely noticable.

I put it in this small travel size bottle of Dove Go Fresh that I got for free with my deoderant. Because I don't want to put it in a full size bottle and then realize, "oh, wait... this sucks!"
See the pretty shimmers!

FOTD: Tuesday Nov 25

So, I was feeling festive this morning. But I was also in a bit of a hurry. When you're in a hurry, it's a good idea to grab a palette and only use colors from that, because that way you don't have to dig around for colors and open and close different jars/pots whatever. So, I picked the Tropical Fusion from Cover Girl. I also used the NYX mascara in Electric Blue and NYC eyeliner pencil in Moody Blue. Lipstick used: Twinkle Pink by Zalan. I use the same face products every day, so I've decided that I'm not going to repeat that.

Products used


Just a pic of my makeup / computer area! :-)

Review: LA Colors Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow

If you've never shopped at Cherry Culture, I highly recommend it. I've made a few purchases from there in my time and I always make sure to purchase just at $40, because that's when you get free shipping!!! Also, there are often BOGO deals and sales on some great products. And it's not just some of the more inexpensive brands (like L.A. Colors, which I'm about to review) but also stuff like Eyeko and Sugar.

This review is on the Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow. I first looked at this product because they are an insider pick, reviewed by Vanessa at Nessasary Makeup. I purchased two of the palettes: Audrey and Ginger. All of the palettes are named after famous stars. (Elizabeth, Marilyn, etc). I picked these because I loved the colors! I'm a sucker for pinks and purples (Audrey) and I also love darker colors (Ginger).

Price: 5/5
The price is $3.99 at Cherry Culture (on sale for $3.50 right now!). So, you are getting 10 shadows for $4, basically. That's 40 cents per shadow!!!!
Packaging: 5/5
Comes with two double ended sponges and a small mirror. The top of the case is clear so you can see all the shadows. The back so cute with stars and glitter all over. :-)
Application: 3.5/5
See, the glitter drops it a bit, because glitter is hard to work with. And you have to use something to get the colors to really stand out. Not all of them are really well pigmented. But if you do use mixing medium or base, the look so fabulous.
Overall: 4/5
Would I repurchase: Oh yeah!

See the palettes and swatches of the colors (click for larger image):
L.A. Colors Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow in Audrey

Swatches of Audrey

Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow in Ginger

Swatches of Ginger

The eyeshadows are not swatched on top of a base, but I did dampen my brush when swatching. I have to say, that black is one of my favorites. Most of the colors are shimmery, but the black is matte with the glitter on top. I have done a smokey eye with the three colors on the bottom left of Ginger (the sliver, blue and black) and let me tell you, it turned out great!

One thing about these, the glitter is a bit chunky. It is by no means a finely milled shimmer shadow. But, the good thing is, it's not just a shadow with a glitter on top. You ever get that where the glitter is just sitting on top of the shadow? How much does that suck? But the glitter is worked into all the eyeshadow. I always use a base when applying my eyeshadow, so I can't tell you how well it stays without one, but with one, it stayed very well, not creasing at all.

Without a base or mixing medium, not all of the colors show up well. The well pigmented ones are (numbering the top row 1-5, bottom row 6-10): Audrey 3,4,5,6,7,8,10; Ginger all but 7. The others are good, but need to be built up a bit.

Below is a look I did using : Audrey3 in the inner 1/2 of my lid, Ginger5 in the outer half; Audrey2 as a highlight (I was feeling funky); Audrey4 to line my lower lashes. (NYX Sky Teal for mascara.) I did try to brush away most of the glitter because I was concerned about fallout during the day. My lower lash line (I don't know if you can tell) still has glitter on it, though. I like how that looks. However, another time I used this palette and did not brush the glitter away and I did not experience a lot of glitter fall out during the day. A little maybe, but I have a bad habit of rubbing my eye sometimes. This was easy to remove and surprisingly, I didn't have problems removing the glitter. Don't rub your eye back and forth, that's the problem. Soak a cotton ball in eye makeup remover and press it to your lid for a few seconds to let it soak in. Then, wipe away gently. Do it that way, and you won't have problems with getting glitter all over the place.

Note: my camera washes out the colors a bit. I'm going to have to find a setting that makes the colors show up better.

Note: I just checked Cherry Culture and there are FOUR new Glittering Starlet Palettes: Bette, bright bright bright; Jean, golds and browns; Ingrid, purely pink; and Claudette, an array of bold beauties. Bette is currently sold out. No surprise! I can't wait to try Bette and Claudette.
What about you? Interested in trying any?

Monday, November 24, 2008

FOTD: Monday Nov 24

Face of the Day for today!

Eyes: I used Two Faced Shadow Insurance (not pictured) Victoria's Secret Mosaic Eye Shadow in Mosaic Sky, Rimmel Extra Super Lash, and NYC Waterproof Eyeliner in Teal.
Lips: Just a chapstick (np) and then Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick in Twinkle Pink

Very simple look. The lighter green color on the inner 3/4 the eye. The darker green on the outer corner. Blend, blend, blend. Eyeliner on upper and lower lash line. Curl lashes. Mascara. Apply lippie. :-)
The colors look a bit better IRL than they do in this pic above. Maybe the flash washed the colors out. Anyway, in the last photo, you get a better idea.

Oooh, that bit of hair out of place in the top is driving me nuts!
So, I didn't mention my face products. Sorry! Max Factor Silk Perfection in Cool Bronze, all over face; Physician's Formula Multi-Colored Bronzer for contouring cheek bones; Cover Girl pressed powder in creamy natural for matte highlight; ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance along cheek bones; ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow on apples of my cheek. :-)