Saturday, December 6, 2008

FOTD: Saturday Dec 6. Blurry Camwhoring

For some completely unknown reason, I was unable to get my camera to focus at all on Saturday. I must've taken two dozen pics. Anyway, here are some. I thought I'd share. It's all just blurry camwhoring.

Pink and Pearl shadow with a bit of brown on the corners. Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black Brown. Estee Lauder Twinkle Pink lipstick and Pink Ribbon Pink (LE) lip gloss.

My hair is very fluffy because I used a cheap shampoo and no conditioner. I was going to be dying my hair later.

For some reason, I actually like this one:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

ANOTHER giveaway

The number of giveaways this time of year is AMAZING! Here is one for everyone to check out. All you have to do is say where you are from and which gift set you want. Easy-peasy! Check out the My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway right now!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Mascara!!!!

Get your free Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara or HIP High Intensity Pigments Jelly Balm from L’Oréal Paris from

Monday, December 1, 2008

Playin' with my new liner brush

Random photos of me playin' with my new liner brush that I just got at TJ Maxx. Thought I'd post 'em since I didn't do a FOTD. (I didn't wear much makeup today anyway.)

LOLOLOL! Wacky pic of both eyes! Looks crazy!!!

Haul: TJ Maxx

Quick haul post! I have to go to homework :-( I got this all at TJ Maxx!

Stila Rouge Pot in Sweet Pea for $1.00
(OMFG, did you say ONE DOLLAR? Heck yes I did!)

Three brushes: Two Angled Liner Brushes by Bella Il Fiore and a Powder brush by Gotta B' Urban. I actually really needed the liner brushes. They were only $1.99 each!!!!

Sweet jacket by Element.

Hood unzips to look awesome

Fail attempt at taking a pic w/o a mirror

Undies! I def needed some new bras. My weight fluctuates a lot and I was spillin', ladies. That gray/black one is SEX!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

5-year-old Hannah's Makeup Look

You've never seen anything so cute!!! This is AllThatGlitters21's little sister. This is the info from the description box
Me and Blair's littlest sister, Hannah, doing her own Make Up Video. She was so proud of it I had to put it online! It was filmed in the summer and I came across the footage today :)

P.S. She is only 5!

Disclaimer: She does not wear makeup on a regular basis. After all, she is only 5. This was kinda a joke thing and she wanted to be a "big girl" and make a video.

#98 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Howto & Style
#69 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Howto & Style

Why you should use a base and a mixing medium.

Wet'n'Wild Wild Eyes in... ummm Blue and Purple/Pink... yeah. (Names? Dunno.)

Without any base or mixing medium. Huh. Where's the shadow?

Applied WITH base (Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer) and Mixing Medium (homemade. Yes, Tiffany, I got some glycerin. Yes, Tiffany, I will make you some.


Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in ... uh, Green and Dance Pretty (okay, at least I know one name! I need to stop pulling the stickers off. It was an accident!)

Shadows applied side by side. The difference here is not so much the pigmentation (it's only slightly better with the base&medium), but the colors that are brought out! It's really hard to tell in these pictures but that middle shade of pink has a gold shimmer I never even saw before!

These two photos (above and below) are without flash.
I think you can finally see the difference
Well, what are you waiting for! Go grab those shadows that you thought sucked (well, they still kinda suck. Its nice to have shadows that you don't have to jump through hoops to get color payoff) and try them out! You might find a new favorite color you never knew you had.

FOTD: Sunday Nov 30

This is my first ever attempt at a cat eye, so I took pictures from different angles. Tips are appreciated! The shadow is by Princessa, you can get it at Cherry Culture. It's the 8 piece palette. It's not all that great, I really don't recommend it. But I thought I would try it today. A very good base is necessary. And I sprayed my brush with mixing medium while I was doing it. (I didn't want it to be too strong, or else I would've mixed the shadow and the mixing medium before putting it on my brush.)

PLEASE IGNORE MY EYEBROWS! I want a different shape so I'm growing them out. It's PAINFUL. That's why I did such a dramatic look! I wanted people to be distracted. "Hmm, you're eyebrows umm... -- ooh look at that shadow!)

The mascara I used is Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara. GET IT! It's so awesome!!! Just look at those babies. This is two coats.

For the face products today I used that Lorac Blush in the Hit Pan tag. I also used a different foundation. I used Almay clear complexion powder makeup. It's supposed to be good for your skin. It has salicylic acid in it! And I have a huge zit on my chin! (Difficult to see in the photos... YAY!!!) I have to say I much prefer liquid or cream makeup. It gives a better coverage. Although this make up is good when I want my freckles to show through.

Look at my awesome earrings! Don't you love them.
I got them from Hot Topic a year or so ago.
"Take another little piece of my heart now, baby!"

Tag: Hit Pan

This is taken from Xteeener's Hit Pan Tag / Giveaway. But I've already entered and I wanted to post this on my blog, too, for those of you who don't follow me on YouTube.

What are some products you've hit pan on?
Why did you hit pan?
Will you be purchasing again?

So, here are the products I've hit pan on:
Going clockwise: I see two Cover Girl compacts,
a Lorac Palette, a Max Factor compact, and
an ELF compact that's not looking too hot.

Let's open them up:

Again going clockwise:
  • Okay, the first Cover Girl compact is Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural. I bought this a loooong time ago. It's WAY too light for me, but it's perfect as a matte highlight on my face!
  • This is a Cover Girl Tanfastic Bronzer in Soleil. It's a medium brown shade (as far as bronzers go) and has hint of shimmer that makes it perfect for the summer.
  • Next is one of the first high-end things I ever bought. This is the Lorac Paparazzi Palette. For a long time this was the only blush I used. It's one of my darker blushes but it goes on so perfectly. Lurve it
  • I use this Max Factor Silk Perfection makeup EVERY DAY! I love it! Although, when it's gone I'm going to try out some other things that I need to use up.
  • This ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance is something else that I use every day. I sweep it along my cheek bones before I put on blush to give a slight golden shimmer to my blush. It's not dark at all (or else I wouldn't be putting it on my cheek bones)
Okay, those are some things I've hit pan on! What about you? I actually don't have anything I've hit pan on because of it not being good, but I know that is the case for some people -- e.g., an eyeshadow that you had to apply a LOT for the color to really show up or a nail polish that you had to use 4-5 coats every time to avoid a VNL (Visible Nail Line). Hit pan does not have to mean an actual pan. The product could be lip gloss or nail polish (as mentioned above) that you ran out of for one reason or another.

Tagging: EVERYONE who reads this!!!


oh god. Oh god, it's so fucking funny. Oh god. I can't help it. Read. You must read. Okay, the funny part doesn't happen until the bottom. I don't care if the rest of it pisses you off. YOU MUST READ THE WHOLE THING.

My boyfriend received this "I'm voting democrat" in his email. And the "I'm voting republican" comments ensued

An interesting attempt at sarcasm I received via email

I'm voting Democrat because English has no place being the official language in America.

I'm voting Democrat because it's better to turn corn into fuel than it is to eat.

I'm voting Democrat because I'd rather pay $4 for a gallon of gas than allow drilling for oil off the coasts of America .

I'm voting Democrat because I think the government will do a better job of spending my money than I could.

I'm voting Democrat because when we pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq , I know the Islamic terrorists will stop trying to kill us because they'll think we're a good and decent country.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe people who can't tell us if it will rain in two or three days, can now tell us the polar icecaps will disappear in ten years if I don't start riding a bicycle, build a windmill or inflate my tires to proper levels.

I'm voting Democrat because it's alright to kill millions of babies as long as we keep violent, convicted murderers on death row alive.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe businesses in America should not be allowed to make profits. Businesses should just break even and give the rest to the government so politicians and bureaucrats can redistribute the money the way they think it should be redistributed.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe guns, and not the people misusing them, are the cause of crimes and killings.

I'm voting Democrat because when someone with a weapon threatens my family or me, I know the government can respond faster through a call to 911 than I can with a gun in my hand.

I'm voting Democrat because oil companies 5% profit on a gallon of gas are obscene, but government taxes of 18% (federal and ? state) on the same gallon of gas are just fine.

I'm voting Democrat because I believe three or four elitist liberals should rewrite the Constitution every few months to suit some fringe element that could never get their agenda past voters.

I'm voting Democrat because illegal aliens are not criminals, are not sucking up resources through government aid, hospital services, education, or social services, but are just people trying to make a better life by coming to America illegally. We can't blame them for that, can we?

I'm voting Democrat because now I can now marry whatever I want, so I've decided to marry my horse.

Makes ya wonder why anyone would ever vote Republican, doesn't it?

Mike (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 6:37pm on October 6th, 2008

Stargirl Heuser wrote
at 10:31pm on October 6th, 2008
Man, who sent that to you??? Ridiculous.

Rosa (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 12:38am on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting Republican because I believe in truthiness.

Brian (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 1:25am on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting Republican because my great great great great grandfather totally had a pet brontosaurus. And because civil liberties are for communists.

Sir wrote
at 2:15am on October 7th, 2008
I'm...... voting ron paul?

Chris (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 9:08am on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting Republican because if you disagree with the president then you're Unamerican.

I'm voting Republican because I believe that terrorists hate us because of our freedom, and not our state-sponsored assassination of a middle east democratically elected leader and installation of a dictator.

I'm voting republican because of the WMDs.

I'm voting republican because 9/11!

I'm voting republican because I think torture is okay.

I'm voting republican because I think we should never have speak with other government leaders until they've already acquiesced to all of our demands.

I'm voting republican because I don't mind having my wires tapped, by e-mails searched, and (eventually) cameras and microphones installed in my house to watch for and listen for any terrorist activity, i don't mind because I don't have anything to hide, so why not?

I'm voting republican because I think the most effective means of self-defense from a burgler is an automatic rifle, o wait, or is that the best way to hunt.

I'm voting republican because the Vice-president is ALSO part of the legislative branch.

I'm voting republican because the other guys name sounds like a bad person.

I'm voting republican because English should be the official language in america, no need for hospitals or government buildings to ever carry any of our forms in other languages, why would spanish-speaking people need to know what medication they are giving is anyway?

I'm voting Republican because I'm happy with off-shore drilling, because I know it'll have a full 1-5% impact on our foreign oil depedency, in 10-15 years. Oh, and oil will last forever.

I'm voting Republican because I don't understand what green house gases are.

I'm voting Republican because I don't understand basic car management techniques, nor math.

Chris (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 9:08am on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting Republican because we shouldn't have to pay for poor women to get rape kits to find out who raped them.

I'm voting Republican because I don't know that (MUCH) more gun injuries or deaths at home are caused by accidental injury then by home protection.

I'm voting Republican because I believe three or four discriminatory, orwellian conservatives should rewrite the Constitution every few months to suit some fringe element that could never get their agenda past voters.

I'm voting Republican because the founding fathers accidentally let the "freedom of religion" part into the first amendment.

I'm voting republican because I have no idea how long it takes to get into this country by legal means and I think everyone who showed up here AFTER me to this country should have a more difficult time then I did.

I'm voting republican because I think abstinence-only education works.

I'm voting republican because it physically caused me pain when I know somewhere out there there are gay people still allowed to do what they please inside of their bedrooms.

I'm voting republican because I honestly think that two consenting adults marrying is exactly the same thing as a person marrying a horse.

I'm voting republican because gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt, because they will make gay children. Just like every straight parent makes straight children.

I'm voting republican because I hate the internet.

I'm voting republican because it's funny to laugh at people because they are "community organizers"

I'm voting republican because I can see Russia from my state!

I'm voting republican because I admire how a victim of torture can change positions on torture after 20-odd years JUST for votes.

I'm voting republican because I want a president who constantly voted in opposition to alternative energy bills. See above (OIL WILL LAST FOREVER!)

and finally!

I'm voting republican because the last 8 years were great!

Dr. Tiwari (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 10:31am on October 7th, 2008
I'm supporting republics because I hate it when government interferes with free markets.
I'm supporting republics because I hate unwed mothers.
I'm supporting republics because I hate fiscal irresponsibility.
I'm supporting republics beacause I hate it when government interferes with private lives.

Sir wrote
at 10:34am on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting Ron Paul because... well, really, I think he is quite the looker.

Dr. Tiwari (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 10:44am on October 7th, 2008
I like Kucinich's wife better

Jamie (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 11:59am on October 7th, 2008
I think everyone should marry a horse...makes life so much easier...their eco friendly.

Mitchell (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 12:41pm on October 7th, 2008
Did someone say Ron Paul?

Emily (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 1:05pm on October 7th, 2008
I am also voting Ron Paul...and will always do so.

John (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 1:17pm on October 7th, 2008
I'm voting for Ron Paul because truth is treason in the empire of lies.

Dr. Tiwari (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 3:59pm on October 7th, 2008
Does Ron Paul have a horse?

Mitchell (Belmont Abbey) wrote
at 5:38pm on October 7th, 2008
Yes its called the Constitution.

He also named his daughter The First Amendment and his youngest son is named The Second Amendment. His son is known in Texas as being somewhat short fused.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Dr. Tiwari. "Does Ron Paul have a horse?" hahahahahahahahahaha

BTW, Mitchell loves Ron Paul. Of course, I'm not sure if it's a joke anymore or not. It might just be a joke. Sometimes when we're joking we just say "Ron Paul."

Because it's funny.