Sunday, September 21, 2008

TKB Trading

I've wanted to do for quite a while is try and make my own makeup. I'm getting a lot of stuff for X-mas, but I thought I'd get some samples and try it out on my own. So, I decided, when I get paid, I'd buy some sample ingredients to experiment with.

Guess what! I got paid!!! From TKB Trading, I got the Pop! Mica Sampler ($9) and the Metallic Collection Sampler ($5.4). I may get a couple things from Coastal Scents, too. They have samplers for the fillers and additives and for the oxides that are about $10 each. I'll post a haul when I get them in and then show some of my experiments.

These are the Coastal Scents oxide and filler sampler sets. I don't have any pix for the TKB stuff I got because their pix are messing up right now. I'll take my own pix and post them when it comes in.

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