Thursday, January 8, 2009

FOTD: Jan 07 2009

Notice the title? I thought I would upload some old FOTDs since I cannot grace you with new ones. If I used face products, I'm not sure what I used since they are not photographed, but the face seems to look fairly natural in these photos. I used Avon Glimmer Stick in some navy blue color... I think Midnight, perhaps. Then I used ULTA shadows in Sin, a shimmery dark navy, and Pink, shimmery pink. Rimmel Extra Super lash. I used the pink only as a highlight color.

Oh, I love this lipstick. It is by Avon and it is too neat. It is Golden Rose.

Also: Camwhoring...

Me looking at you all sly:
Some how this photo came out of it, and it looks rather good. I don't know. Maybe this is another person. Because, frankly, I didn't think I could look like this. It's all about the angle.
I love eyelashes. No seriously, I love eyelashes. All eyelashes. They are so sweet and lovely.


Anonymous said...

are the ulta shadows a xmas version and that's why the packaging is red? i like the color of the avon lipstick too!

Stargirl said...

Yes, I got them a few days before Christmas for $2 each!!!! I love that Avon Lipstick, I wear it every day almost! Plus the packaging is too fun!