Friday, August 1, 2008

Haul Pt1: Coastal Scents

On Wednesday I got the most amazing surprise. A ton of the stuff I'd ordered had come in!!!! Yay! So, I'll be doing some haul posts. I've also tried out some of the products so I'll be doing some mini-reviews. Not really a full review, because I'd only tried it out once or twice.

Coastal Scents Haul:

5 Gram Packaging Jars - 10 Jars -- $3.49
--I haven't used any of these yet, but I got these for mixing the mineral foundation samples I got and for loose eye shadows. I love the L.A. Colors loose eyeshadow, but I hate the container. I got the idea from ChicJade.

78 Piece Makeup Palette -- $21.98
This thing is pure amazing. I love it! The colors are so pigmented! I've used it a couple times and the colors are great. You can just pack the colors on for a real bold look, but there's also a bunch of neutrals too! It comes with 60 dime sized eye shadows, 12 rectangular eye shadows, and 6 blushes. The colors are separated into 6 color families. Here is a review by EnKore Makeup. Great review.

Once again, they sent me a great draw string bag. All the brushes were inside of this orange bag. They all have an odor to them and you could see a lot of dye come out when you wash it. Other than that, they're great. Very very soft! I won't review them individually too much now, because I've only used them once or twice each. But I'll say a couple things.
1) The stippling brush: the white part is incredibly soft. Softest brush I own. Feels like pony hair. The black part is definitely goat. Of all the CS brushes, this one bled the most.
2) The Pink Sable and the Deluxe Buffer brush are shorties, but they've got good heft to them. They also bled, but not as much.
3) I love the lip brush! I used to to put on some Zalan lip stain. The color went on very nicely. The brush is packed firm.
4) I haven't used the eye brush, but I hear great things about it. EmilyNoel83 has a great tutorial on using this brush for doing a whole eye look, instead of using an eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, a blending, etc etc etc.

I'll review more on all these things later. Thanks for reading!

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I just got that palette, too!
So nice to meet you, Stargirl! =)

Keep the updates coming! I'll be back often. =)