Friday, July 25, 2008

E-Bay and Coastal Scents Mini Hauls

I ordered a couple brushes and some samples from Coastal Scents and they're in! Yay!!!! I'm totally going to order there again.

Everything came in this really cute little pink bag. I've unwrapped the brushes but I put everything back in to show you.

These are the two mineral powder foundation samples I ordered, $2 a piece: Silk Cover Light 1.2 and Medium 1.2 Mineral Foundation and then a free eyeshadow in Funk Shadow that they gave me! It's a BEAUTIFUL sparkly aubergine.

These are the brushes. The PINK KABUI! How totally frickin' cute! And the C218 Blending Fluff

I've never used any eye primers before, I on E-Bay, I got two. Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer(above) and Claudia Stevens Eye Primer (below).

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