Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guest Review: N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lip Color

N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lip Color Review
by LadyTiffanyAnne

At a Hollywood themed party, I received a gift bag filled with fun little goodies. Among other things, the bag contained a bottle of N.Y.C. nail polish in Purple Pizazz Frost. New York Color is a brand of cosmetics that is generally off my radar. I rarely glance at the N.Y.C section in the cosmetics department and only do so when I need a cheap lip gloss or black eyeliner. The nail polish was fairly decent, though, and so, when I was on a hunt for lip stick, I decided to give N.Y.C. a chance. After realizing that most lip stick runs for a minimum of $5.00 a tube, I wanted cheaper options. This would be my first foray into the world of lip stick since...well...since I don't know when. I'm a lip gloss kinda girl and didn't want to waste ten dollars on a couple of tubes of something I might end up hating. I ended up purchasing N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lip Color in "Caramel".
First, I must say I was surprised. I actually liked it. It's a good lipstick. But, really, isn't that like saying Sarah Palin did good in the VP debate? Well, I had low expectations and the lipstick didn't completely fail or embarrass me.'s good. I cannot compare it to a nice lipstick because, well, I have no experience with nice lipstick. But as a stand alone review, this "ultra last lip color" indeed lasted--albeit with a bit of fading--for some hours until I had a spaghetti lunch. No surviving that. It wasn't dry. It didn't flake off. It had decent staying power.
The color? I love it. It isn't aptly named, though, because it looks nothing like caramel. Maybe more of a shimmery cafe au lait--not that the name really matters. I'm vary careful of the colors I choose because I don't want to look like a fool. This lipstick makes me feel pretty and, really, isn't that why we wear makeup in the first place?
Product: N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lip Color in Caramel
Price: $1.72 at Target, $1.99 at Ulta

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