Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FOTD: Wednesday Dec 17

For today's FOTD, all I used on my lids was was a really simple and inexpensive eyeshadow trio. I dunno, because I was lazy and it was there. :-) Anyway, not writing much today. I have to pack up my dorm for the winter hols.

This is a simple eyeshadow trio by a brand called
"Color Impact." My sis got it for my some years ago.
There were three of these trios in a little case.

I used Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black Brown

L'Oreal Lipstick in Cinnamon Toast


Anonymous said...

i love the photos. the ones i CANT SEE.

Stargirl said...

Arg! I will fix it as soon as I have access to internet that is not the parents; aka not dial up. (Also, not the free stuff downtown. Soooo insecure.)

-stargirl (who doesn't feel like signing in. Because that would mean she would have to wait for another page to load).