Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Brows

I need to upload some pictures of this, but I'll do that later. I've recently taken to trimming and shaping my brows. The difference is phenomenal. Looks so great! When I wear makeup (which is mostly) I fill in my brows with a bit of black powder (just been using eyeshadow). But, only a very little so it's not too dark. I think I may switch to dark brown, see how that looks. I'm looking for some brow stencil shapers, because I don't want to accidentally end up shaping and trimming my brows to be too thin while doing it free hand. I suppose Sally sells them?

Anyway, just to let you know (TIFFANY) that I'm not buying any makeup except for nail and brow products until after Christmas. Maybe it will break me of the habit. :-)

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