Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Frankens!

So, I won't be updating here as much. I'm sorry! It's back to school and I've got a busy semester. But I did some very exciting stuff today! I made my first two franken polishes! The first one is a dark silver color. Not quite gunmetal, but not silver either. It is around the color of normal metals that you see in every day life, quarters, pipes, etc. It was made using Love My Nails Platinum and Maybelline Express Finish Onyx Rush. The LMN Platinum was over 3/4 empty and I have another color that is similiar, so I decided to experiment. I put in a little of the Maybelline Onyx Rush and looked at the color (the LMN already had some ball bearings in it). And then I put in a little more and tried it out. And I gradually upped the Onyx Rush until it was a great dark grey/silver. I'll have photos at some point. The second was made in an Avon Top Coat bottle was mostly empty. I added in Pure Ice Jaguar, Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine Wild Orchid, Rimmel "Nail Tip Whitener," and finally, three drops of the Maybelline Pure Onyx, because it was a little to light. It's a beautiful dusty dark lavender with some shimmer. I will have to take picture. It turned out so well.

Anyway, if you want to keep up with other goings on in my life. I will probably be writing in Mary Commentary more often. :-)

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