Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frankens and Watermarking

So, first things first. I'm going to start watermarking my photos. The water marks in these are all different sizes because I was playing with them in the photos, trying to decide if I want something a little more discreet or not. Anyway, I think I like them bigger than it is in these first couple photos. Harder to steal, hehe. Now, onto the fun!

I've been having a lot of fun playing with colors lately. I recently saw Never Too Much Glitter's franken of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Concrete Jungle. I loved it! I've never worn a gray polish, so I decided to make my own. Now, RBLs Concrete Jungle is a bluer gray, but I didn't have any blues that weren't glittery or shimmery, so I used Icing's Marine Blue, which is far more green to me. I mixed about 20 drops of the Rimmel White, 2 drops of Icing Marine Blue and 5 drops of Maybelline Onyx Rush. The result: Xanadu! I love coming up with names for colors. I use wikipedia and go to the page for that color and find the one that looks the most like what I've got. True Xanadu would be darker, but wiki was sadly lacking in gray shades. Plus, the name rocks!!! Also, I've never had such a color on my nails before and I LURVE it!

Also, you can see my new awesome hobo gloves. That's what I call fingerless gloves, because they make me feel like a hobo.

Second franken: I mixed a pearly white and a black creme. Actually, I didn't use the ELF, but I used it for the photo so you would know what kind of white I used. I actually used Love My Nails Platinum, but I poured the black into that bottle, so I don't have the original LMN color. I used about 2/3 white and 1/3 black I believe. I didn't record it at the time.

The result: Arsenic!

Last franken for this post. Actually, the first franken I ever tried! For this I mixed Pure Ice Jaguar, Wet'nWild Wild Orchid, and again the same black and white cremes as used in Xanadu. Again, I don't remember how much of each I used. I know I only used about one or two drops of the black because it was looking a little two pale for me. Urrrg. Oh well. I am going to remember from now on. :-)
The result: Thistle! A Lavender-y color with a bit of a holo shimmer, but there isn't that much of the glitter so, really, you can only tell when it's in the bottle. God, how I want a holo. The funny thing is that neither the PIJaguar or the WNW Wild Orchid is a holo.

I had fun with this! So, on that note, sorry I haven't been posting much. I haven't been doing my makeup that much. :-( It's a busy time. I like nail polish because I can put it on one day and wear it for several days in a row. Nothing like eyeshadow, hehe. Oh well.

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