Sunday, April 5, 2009

NOTD: Saturday April 4 2009

Okay, so I was a little bored on Friday night. Can you tell? I drank too much of a caffeinated soda and was up all night. This is the result!

These are the colors I used. They are neon's by Claire's. Came in a pack that also included purple and blue (pix on the purple later. It's quite a gem.)

First, I applied the orange to opacity (I think three coats)

The orange looks a bit pinky when the light hits it a certain way. Enough so that I did a double take the first time I ever used this polish and thought "Pink?? I painted my nails orange." This is the only photo I had that picked it up in the slightest; sorry for the blurriness. (Is this what people mean by duochrome? Forgive my ignorance. This polish is orange in some lights and pink in others.)
Next, apply yellow to the tips. Opaque in 3 thin or 2 thick coats.

Next, take your dotting tool/paper clip/tooth pick/tiny brush and dot the green all over. This turned out very sheer. Oh well. I didn't want to put dots over my dots.

All in all, I am thoroughly satisfied with this mani. It's so much fun!!! Great time killer for the insomniac in you.

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Nessa said...

Very summery and cute!