Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing with eye makeup

While I'm here, I'll put up a couple pics of some eye looks I've done recently.

I used the L.A. Colors palette in Serenade to do this, but I don't remember what I did! I just wanted to show it because it looks so awesome.

This was another L.A. Colors palette: Soiree. This picture is also modified with Picasa. You'll notice that around the edges are not colored, all the color is on the eye. Also, I upped the saturation.
I followed xteeener's tutorial to get this look.
Excuse the funky eyebrows. Facewash is not color safe. I have to redye them soon.
Another xteeener tutorial. While looking at these pics, you may notice I'm not that great with eyeliner. So, excuse that, plz.

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