Monday, December 1, 2008

Haul: TJ Maxx

Quick haul post! I have to go to homework :-( I got this all at TJ Maxx!

Stila Rouge Pot in Sweet Pea for $1.00
(OMFG, did you say ONE DOLLAR? Heck yes I did!)

Three brushes: Two Angled Liner Brushes by Bella Il Fiore and a Powder brush by Gotta B' Urban. I actually really needed the liner brushes. They were only $1.99 each!!!!

Sweet jacket by Element.

Hood unzips to look awesome

Fail attempt at taking a pic w/o a mirror

Undies! I def needed some new bras. My weight fluctuates a lot and I was spillin', ladies. That gray/black one is SEX!

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