Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daily Face

On a daily basis, these are the only products I use. Honestly! (I might rotate mascaras, though.)
It's quick and simply. I like to wear some makeup, because, usually, I don't like the look of a naked face. And if I'm going to wear a little something on my face, I might as well spruce it up a bit. Still looks quite natural.

Also, check out my awesome new hair color! Woo! Matches my glasses.


asami said...

Very exciting hair! I like it.

May I ask what's your ethnicity? You look half Japanese, half Caucasian to me. I'm just curious. :)

Thanks so much for adding My Manicure to your blog roll. I truly appreciate the support!

My expressions LIVE said...

I love your hair. I really like the third picture, your lips, eyes, glasses and hair...very nice!

Stargirl said...

Oooh thank you! Both of you! I just love fun hair colors! :-)