Thursday, March 5, 2009

NOTD: Thursday March 05 2009

I only had one vote (Tiffasaurus failed me) so now, my nails are green! I'm really liking the color! I wanted something different than what I had on hand, so I frankened!

These are the colors I used:

Recipe: 20 drops of Maybelline Go Go Green (a chartreuse with shimmer), 10 drops of Sally Hansen Emerald City (a darker green with shimmer, not quite forest green), and 10 drops of Pure Ice Jaguar (a champagne gold with a hint of fine glitter).

Mix 'em all together and the result was Harlequin:

I love picking out new names :-)

This color is what Maybelline Go Go Green wishes it was! I mean, compared with the outside of the bottle, it looks like GGG should be this shade, but compare these swatches (one coat each). GGG is a lot more YELLOW than Harlequin. It's hard to tell with one coat, but here are the pictures.

Also, here is the little mixing thing that I use. I don't have very many empty bottles so, I use this and only make enough for one mani.


Anonymous said...

wait. i voted pink. i totally voted pink. i mean, i didn't comment or anything. but...since we're twins shouldn't you be able to read my mind?

Stargirl said...

You're retarded. Okay, what kind of pink. Baby pink? Hot pink? Berry pink? I'll make a franken. Your stuff is at mom and dad's house.

Asami said...

Yay, green! I like this shade. :)