Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NOTD: Tuesday March 02 2009

With Flash

Without Flash

This is one of those "band aid-but-better" colors, I'd say. This is from the Revlon Color Stay line and the color is "Always Natural (sorry, no pic of the bottles). It comes with the color and the top coat. These pics are actually sans topcoat. So, I imagine it'd be much more shiney with it. But without the topcoat, it really does look band aid color to me. Also, the texture is weird. It always feels soft and when I picked at it, it was stretchy. Weird. (Oh, oops for picking at my nails!) It's bugging me, anyway. I need something bright and vivid. I'll let you pick. Green? Red? Purple? Pink? You pick.

On second thought, no green. St. Patty's is coming up and I'll save the green for that.

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asami said...

I pick green! It's so greatly underrepresented in the nail polish world. :)

RYC: Thanks for the response! I'm half Japanese, half Caucasian and I had to ask as it's a PITA for me to find makeup pictures for my eye shape. I have an eyelid fold, but it's much lower than the "crease" demos tell you to find... they're just like yours! So I thought we might be of a similar ethnicity/mix. :)