Sunday, March 15, 2009

FOTD: Saturday March 14 2009

On Saturday, Kevin and I went out to sushi with a bunch of friends for Kevin's birthday! Happy 22! Also, it was Pi day. I guess we would've gotten pie for desert, but they didn't have any. :-) Anyway, here is the makeup I did for the evening. Trying to do a tutorial here, so I took pictures as I did my makeup. Pic heavy!

Before I started taking photos, I had applied Mary Kay Signature Eye Primer and ELF Cream Shadow in Berry Mix (the lighter one) all over my lids.

Apply the HiP Crayon along the lower lash line (not terribly sure why I chose to do this first)

Using ELF eyeshadow in Drama, pick up some of the light gray. I'm using an "Eye Contour" brush from Face Secrets, carried at Sally Beauty Supply.

Apply all over lid

Pick up some of the sparkly black. I'm using a small eyeshadow brush (unknown brand)

Apply to the outer 1/2 of lid

Looks like this (sorry for blurriness)

Blend. Should look like this. You can make the outer 1/2 darker if you like, just pick up more of the sparkly black and blend it in.

Using the same black, with an angled eyeshadow brush:

Apply over the HiP Crayon liner

Looks like this:

On second thought, I decided to do the same to the upper lid. Lined in with the HiP liner and applied the ELF sparkly black shadow over top of that.

So far:

Next, apply mascara. I'm using Jane Max Lash² in Black

First, use the white side, the primer:

When that dries, do two coats of the black side.

Finished eye look:

Next: highlight and bronzer

Apply the highlight along your cheek bones (in this it is the lighter two shades, I run the brush through both colors)

Next, apply the bronzer (darker two shades) to the hollows of your cheek. You can find this by sucking in your cheeks (which I'm doing, but you can't really tell).

For blush, I'm using ELF Blush in Glow (my favorite)

Start at the apple of your cheek, I always smile when I do this to emphasize my apple

And sweep up along cheek bones.

Apply lipstick:

Final step: Plenty of camwhoring!

Notice I look different than the first pic at the top of the post? I changed my shirt and put my hair 1/2 up.

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Anonymous said...

camwhore you are HOT. you hair looks uh-may-zing in this