Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sponge Tip Applicators ONLY!

Emily Noel recently posted a challenge to do an eye makeup look using only sponge tip applicators. I decided to go with something altogether bright and vulgar. Isn't it lovely?

The most difficult part of this challenge was blending the colors together.

Colors used.

I finally uploaded a new youtube video!

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Juicy Watermelon said...

Hihi! I saw your picture on Karen's MBB, and your hair is adorable.

I noticed that in Asia a lot of people still use sponge tip applicators! Some brands even sell them as part of a brush kit.

I think they're convenient to use to smudge out eyeliners or to line the bottom lash line. Otherwise, it's rubbish. The color goes on too cakey, and it's too difficult to get a nice blended, precise look as you said.

Anyhow, glad to find your blog! Good luck with your last year in college!!