Monday, March 9, 2009

NOTD: Monday March 09 2009

So, I have a lot of drug store polishes. It's basically all I own, but I love looking at swatches from the many polish blogs (see links to the blogs I follow on the left). Once in a while I see a color that I MUST HAVE. Until I graduate and have more money, I'm not going to be able to buy all the polishes I want. So, I'll try to dupe it. I'm not that good at it. Anyway, one such color that I fell in love with at first sight was Dirty Sexy Money from Misa's Living On The Fast Lane collection. Here's a swatch from one of my favorite polish bloggers: ScrangieIsn't her manicure PERFECT? The color is wonderful. It's a delightful dusty teal color. Plus, I loved the show! It's so deliciously ridiculous.

Anyway, I tried to dupe it using the colors below:
These are the same colors I used to make Xanadu, my gray color

My color ended up being too light. Grr, it looked the right color in the mixing dish, then I put it on my nails and it was clearly obvious how light it was... Then I went outside! Oh well. It's a fun color. I am going to try again later, but I'll keep this on for now. Oh, btw, this is two thick coats without a topcoat. And I haven't cleaned it yet.

Note: although my dupe is too light, it isn't as light as it is in the photos. All of them make it look quite a bit whiter than it is.

We're calling this color: Parisian



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