Monday, November 24, 2008

First MAC Experience

On Saturday Nov 15, I popped my MAC cherry. This is a look using Landscape Green Pigment and Primary Yellow Pigment. I purchased samples from All Beauty!
First, I used Two Faced Shadow Insurance on my whole lid. I used Landscape green all across my crease. After that, Primary Yellow went over the whole lid and blend it all together. As you can see in the photo below, I didn't blend it all out so great. Oh well. Next, an NYC pencil (gosh I don't remember what kind of pencil or the color, but it was a tealish color) to line my lids and on my water line. This baby STAYED. I was pleased.
So, this was the same day that I had my free Estee Lauder makeup done. It was the blockbuster weekend or something, I don't know. Anyway, the woman asked me "what kind of eyeshadow is this?" I told her it was MAC. She nodded, "Yeah, I thought so. There's so much pigment" and, she said that it was sticking really really well. Took her a while to get all the eyeshadow off.

I used some MAC again on Friday and today. On Friday, I used Fuschia and Black pigments alone with a shimmery white L'Oreal Perle color to do a smokey pink eye. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures. Today, I used Jardin Aires on my inner half of my lid and Melon on my outer half and blended those together. They blended so so easy. Landscape Green was DIFFICULT to blend!!!! Next was exciting, I decided to use my small pink Taklon Coastal Scents brush that, I think, is marketed as a lip brush, I used it for eyeliner today. I wet the brush with some Visine and used my black shadow from my CS 78-pc palette. OMG! It was amazing! It's so soft, yet it's firm. Not like the one I've been using which is pokey. But this one is densely packed, so, you know, the bristles don't have to be hard to be firm! Wow, I love this brush!!!

Anyway, I've already taken my makeup off. :-( Oh well.

I've been loving my foray into MAC. I really love the pigments. I can't wait until my birthday. I'm going to ask Kevin for some of the Hello Kitty collection (we're doing my birthday late, same time as his, because he is broke, my poor babe. We are poor college students).

And, now, I'm going to bed. GOOD NIGHT!!!!

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