Saturday, November 29, 2008

FOTD: Thursday Nov 27 and a littel camwhoring

These pix are up kinda late. This is the FOTD I did on Thanksgiving. To see what I did watch: Makeup Routine. To see more about my Turkey Day watch: Thanksgiving Dinner.

In addition to what you watch in the Makeup Routine vid,
I added pink highlights to my lashes. Kinda hard to see.

See the pink lashes!

Okay, now for some camwhoring!
I added pink lipgloss

This is with the lights off, no flash, just my computer screen on.
Look how pale!

Me in my mirror, lol

I've never ever ever been pleased with photos of my lips, which is why
when I do a FOTD, I don't include a photo of just my lips. They always look
so flat to me. Of course, I'm puckering a bit in this one. It looks silly.

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