Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kevin and Mary's Early Christmas!!!

Time for Early Christmas! Actually, Kevin needs to make sure his Game Cube works w/in the 30 day return limit. And we won't be together for Christmas anyway :-(
Beautiful couple, ready for "Christmas"
Kevvy goes first
Wonder what it is (lol)
Yay! It's a Game Cube (I actually told him to make that face for the picture. Because I'm silly)
Opening the box.

There were two games inside! 007: Agent Under Fire and Metroid Prime
Making sure everything looks okay
Kevvy's can't wait to play his game cube (no, seriously, he hasn't stopped playing Metroid Prime)
It's Mary's turn to open her prezzie!
Ooooh, pretty box!


Yay! Vera Wang Princess! Mary is SUPER happy!
Sniffing her new perfume
In love couple :-)
Happy couple!
Goofy couple!!

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