Thursday, March 26, 2009

FOTD: Thursday March 26 2009

Today was a mineral kind of day, and I'm enjoying. I used mineral makeup for foundation, blusher, and shadow. I'll go into that later. Today's look is a bit more subtle than I usually go for. I concentrated more on getting a good coverage with my concealer and foundation, less on using color. Personally, I think I look hot. A friend of mine has told me that it looks very good.
"The subtlety let's your face shine through. Instead of
the focus being on the bright colors, the focus is on you."

Aww :-)

Products used

Face: A self-made mixture of Everydays Mineral Olive Fair and
Coastal Scents Silk Medium 1.2 Foundations (even parts of each);
Everyday Minerals Sunlight Concealer;
Amuse Sheer Mineral Blush Shimmer in Coral Pink (d/c)
(Also, that's the Coastal Scents Kabuki Brush. Too cute!)

Lips: Lorac Lipstick in Imagine

Apply mineral foundation: tap a little foundation into a dish for some sort. Dip brush into powder, swirl it around, tap off excess. Buff into skin (I use CS Deluxe Buffer Brush). Apply small amounts of EM Sunlight Concealer to under eye area (if you have dark areas). Use small amounts until you get desired coverage. You can always add more! Can't always take it off without starting all over. Afterward, pick up just a bit of your foundation and buff it softly over where you concealed. Using kabuki, apply blush to cheeks. (I apply brush after doing eyes).

After priming, apply FM Shell all over lid. Pick up a little of the copper (a little goes a long way with this color). Apply to the crease and blend in. Apply in crease until you reach desired color. I wanted it in the crease and a little in the outer 1/2. Line upper lash line, water line, and outer 1/2 lower lash line. I'm not very good, so I ran an angle brush along the line to soften it some. Pick up some copper with angle brush and line lower lash line. Curl lashes and apply mascara.


Also, I've been using Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator on my lashes recently. I'll update you on how that goes.

Notes about mineral makeup:
Although the market has recently been flooded with this type of foundation, it is important for the consumer to be aware that there are no standards or guidelines for labeling this product. A "mineral makeup" may be all mineral, part mineral - or contain less than 1% mineral as part of the finished formula. Using this logic, practically all makeup could be considered mineral. Additionally, mineral makeup may or may not be USDA organic; the label must specifically mention this, as it is possible to make a mineral product that does not meet USDA guidelines.
source: Wiki Foundation Page


Nessa said...

Basic and pretty. I would def like to be updated on the lash growth accelerator!

Anonymous said...

that lipstick looks lorac

Stargirl said...

frick.. you're right