Monday, March 23, 2009

Nail Care

Normally when I do my nails, I don't really take care of them. I clean off the polish with a nail polish remover an a apply the next color, along with base and top coats. Today, I decided to actually give myself a manicure. My nails are thanking me as we speak. My cuticles look a lot better, my polish looks better. My nails look pretty darn good.

First, I removed the existing polish with Sally Hansen Moisturizing Polish Remover. It works really well, but I can't speak to how much it moisturizes. I just never took notice. But I've been using the stuff for a while. Could be, if I switched to something non-moisturizing, that I would notice right away.

Next, I used Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover, which I bought a few months ago, but only used it once. Didn't really notice anything. I took it out today and followed the directions: Apply a thin strip of Problem Cuticle Remover around cuticle and under nail. Massage into cuticle. After 3 to 5 minutes, gently ease back cuticles with Manicure Stick. Wash away excess with warm, soapy water. Huh, I definitely didn't follow those directions when I used it last time. So, I follow the directions. Afterward, my horrible cuticles were much improved. They appeared healthier and they were pushed back, so my nails looked better.

After applying the color, I used Avon Anew Ultimate Transforming Hand and Nail Cream. (whew! What a mouthful!) This product claims to:
"Visibly reduce fine wrinkling and strengthen nails and cuticles with a cream that reduces blotchiness and produces a naturally radiant, even skintone."

I can't really assure you if it does that. I don't think I have any significant wrinkling on my hands. It was a very thick cream. It feels a little greasy I think. I am not sure I love it. I might try another cream next time.

Another thing I am working on to improve the appearing of my manicures is the way I treat my nails. I am being more careful about when I use my nails. It takes some work to type without using my fingertips, but I'm getting there. I have stopped opening soda cans and taking out staples with my finger nails, and I've seen a marked improvement.

All in all, I think my hands look nicer. They definitely feel better. I am thinking that it might be worth it to take a little extra time when I'm doing my nails from now on.


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