Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Face Secrets Brushes Review

As you know, I purchased two Face Secrets brushes from Sally's. The Eye Contour brush is made from pony hair and the Concealer/Liner is synthetic. I used them today. The Concealer/liner brush, I feel works best as an eyeliner brush. It's thin and tapered which makes it great for eyeliner, reaching in small places like the corner of your eye and under the lashes. I LOVE the Eye Contour brush. It's my first natural brush. What a huge difference! It's so fluffy and soft. I just went and bid on goat hair brushes on E-Bay today. I hope I win. I love natural brushes. I can't believe how soft it is!

I definitely recommend the Eye Contour brush. It's a great brush for only $4.99. :-) As a concealer brush, I have another brush that's better. I don't like my concealer brushes to be pointed, but rather to be flat and rounded like a tiny foundation brush. I will continue to use the Concealer/Liner brush an eyeliner brush, though.

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