Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Haul Pt.4: The Garment District

A week or so ago, I purchased some stuff from The Garment District. Well, it came in today!!! Yayyyy!!! I'm totally stoked.

My Haul:

First: Jerome Russell's Punky Bleach Kit. I picked up the 40 vol. (30 vol. pictured.)It comes with a tint brush, plastic gloves, peroxide, and bleach pack. I've bleached my hair before, don't worry! I just have to wait for the Color Zap to come in to strip out the black in my hair.

The two colors I picked up were Special Effects Atomic Pink and Wildflower. If you're ever going to color your hair a funky color, USE SPECIAL EFFECTS! They come out the brightest and stay the longest. It's super easy to use, you just might turn your bathtub a little purple. Don't worry! It comes out!

Also, they sent me a bumper sticker! How nice! :-) I'm going to put it on the new white table I snagged that someone was about to toss. (The pictures of my products on the white plastic table? That's it.)

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