Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Blonde at Heart

Yesterday, I began the many stepped process of changing my hair color. This is taking longer than it ever has before because I'm using color stripper and bleaching. Plus, I'm giving my hair breaks in between. Yesterday, I stripped the color and then bleached it. Today, I'm repeating this process over because it didn't get light enough. I knew I would have to.

About to start! Very excited!

Got the color stripper in my hair.

Hair is rinsed and conditioned. You can see that the color stripper took out not only the dye but some of my actual color. This is good, gives me a head start with the bleaching

Getting ready to bleach my hair. Mixing up the Jerome Russel Punky Bleach Kit in 40 vol.

Look how golden its getting!!!! There's also some red.

My hair all washed and dried. It's in a ponytail b/c we were getting ready to go to Wal-mart.

You can see in this picture that the ends and the back are still pretty red. That's why I'm re-stripping and bleaching it today. Also, while I did pretty good with my roots in the front, you can see them in the back. Pretty shitty, no?

This was taken this morning. With nice smooth hair and a little makeup. What a difference it makes! Holy cow! I think this picture is TOO CUTE!

Another picture so you can see my hair. It's really red. Well, it's being stripped of color as we speak so I suppose I'll have another photo montage in a little bit.

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