Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prom Hairstyle by Fafinettex3

Well, I can't sleep. So, I'm up watching videos on Youtube by Fafinettex3. I came across her Prom Hairstyle video and it looked SOOOO super easy! I just had to try it. It's kinda like a bouffant-y thing, but not so high or crazy looking. So, I did it. It WAS super easy! :-) You just section off your hair, top half and bottom half, twist the top half of your in the back, push it up and pin it! (Watch the vid, this is no lesson.) I have my bangs down, framing my face. It actually looks alright. I didn't do mine as high as hers. So, I went to take a photo and ARRRG! I left my camera in Kevin's room! I'll have to do it again later and show you.

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