Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, I took the things I bought yesterday and organized all my makeup! Yay! Before, it was just a pile of small to middling sized makeup bags, falling over one another. This looks much better.

On top, we have two hurricane jars. One is full of brushes and implements. The second holds liners and a couple mascaras that wouldn't fit into the drawer. It was full! I'm going to have to get another box when my Cherry Culture and E.L.F. hauls comes in. Also on top, we have some face stuff that I couldn't fit anywhere else. Some foundations and stuff like.

The first drawer is for eyeshadow and it is FULL. I couldn't put a tiny little pot in there if I wanted to. The second drawer is meant to be for lips, but since the eye drawer was filled with just eyeshadow, I had to put some liners and mascara in there, too. The bottom drawer is for face, makeup, powder, blush and bronzers.

On the side, is a small plastic makeup bag with somethings that didn't fit. A couple duplicates and two three pressed powders that didn't fit anywhere. In front of the box is a mirrored tray I got from my mom. It got a lot of random stuff on it, but it's so pretty! I love it!

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